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Finalist, Deep Focus Film Festival 2020
Official Selection American Documentary and Animation Film Festival 2020
Winner Award of Merit Special Mention Best Shorts Competition
Honorable Mention Independent Shorts Awards Los Angeles October 2019
Winner Award of Merit Special Mention Impact! Docs Awards
Winner Top Shorts Film Festival 2019
Photographed by Yoshiki Nakamura © Seattle Digital Photography


Photographed by Yoshiki Nakamura © Seattle Digital Photography


Photographed by Yoshiki Nakamura © Seattle Digital Photography

Terra Nostra shows the beauty of the natural world and the threats faced by it. No previous experience with or knowledge of classical music is needed to be touched by Terra Nostra. It makes climate change urgent and visceral through music and photographs, stimulates people to challenge themselves to learn more about the issues, and motivates them to see what practical steps they can take in their own lives and communities.

We hope to spark other artistic explorations of this subject. There is no need to stay in the realm of orchestral music or limit ourselves to the current suite of images. We encourage further collaborations between the arts, science, and education communities. Those who experience Terra Nostra will be empowered to explore further with others.


Photographed by Yoshiki Nakamura © Seattle Digital Photography

Terra Nostra is a 30-minute multimedia symphony about climate change composed by Christophe Chagnard with poetry by Emily Siff and a film by Charlie Spears from Hullabaloo. It was created to Engage, Educate, Inspire, and Empower people to move for personal and policy change to protect our earth. It is an evocative combination of orchestral music, poetry, and film, intended to invite broad discourse and inspire concrete initiatives in diverse audiences in ways science alone may not. It premiered in June 2015 to critical acclaim, was revised in 2018 and recorded in 2019 by Seattle Music with the composer conducting. The film was released in July 2019. Terra Nostra became an environmentally militant organization in 2016 under the non-profit umbrella of Sustainable Seattle.

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Photo by Radek Grzybowski on Unsplash

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Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash

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I’ve now watched Terra Nostra from beginning to finish for a total of six times. The word amazing would be an understatement.
Jessica Berger, Harvey Mudd College development office